Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Maid Of Awkward

"The best part is you can shorten it, and wear it again."

Last weekend I attended another wedding where the bridesmaids wore short dresses. I have to say that I love this trend. This is because I personally have never worn a long bridesmaid dress that I would ever wear again, even if hemmed. I have also never seen a long bridesmaid dress on a friend that I feel would be wearable again. Short dresses at least have a chance.

I wanted to see if any of you have had a different experience. Have YOU ever worn (or wanted to rewear) a full length bridesmaid dress shortened or otherwise. Don't answer just yet. I am adding qualifications.

*Your opinion does not count if you were the bride in the wedding, and are describing the dresses you picked out. You are clearly biased, and in some cases delusional. (Kidding?)

* You must have actually worn the dress, and not just attended the wedding. Unless you have had to wear the thing for 7 hours while wearing mandatory shoes your opinion could be skewed.

So, can you really shorten it and wear it again? 
XO Robyn

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