Thursday, July 8, 2010

Bug Bitten Twice Shy

Hat: TJ Maxx
Top: Target
Skirt: Vintage; Will be added to the shop tonight.
Bag: Vintage
Jewelry: Target and Forever 21
Shoes: Zara

Adventures in outfit photos; Itchy legs edition.  I came home from this set with brand new bug bites all over my calves. The boy was worried that they sprung up too quickly, and were actually from poison ivy. This resulted in us googling pictures of poison ivy rash. I highly suggest you NEVER do this, especially if you are eating. The images have scarred me for life... or more realistically for the rest of the day. You have been warned. Turns out bugs just love me, and all the worrying was for nothing. Phew.

*Note: This is what my hair looks like after being straightened for yesterdays post, sleeping, re-straightening, and driving to the boy's house. Humidity is not my friend.

XO Robyn

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