Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Kelly KaPOWski

Usually when I say that I am sewing, what I mean to say is that I am hemming. Sewing things from scratch is not my strong suit, but I am capable of spur of the moment alteration projects. Here is my latest transformation attempt.

This all begins with my refusal to ever try anything on in thrift stores. I just throw things in my cart, and hope for the best. This is how I came to own an AMAZING vintage one piece bathing suit. I was drawn in by the lace up front, bustier cups, and the fact that it still had it's original tags! It was a size 6, and pretty much perfect. 

Take a close look. That's a woman's size 6. I double checked after trying it on at home. I may have a long torso, but it is rarely so long that bra cups fall a good 4 inches below my actual breasts. Awkward. I triple checked those tags to see if this was in fact a child's suit. Nope. Although I was feeling weird about my long torso, I did feel better knowing that I do not share a cup size with 9 year olds. Phew.

With that lace up bodice and those bustier cups, I did not want to give up on this one. Normally I would try and sell this in the shop after encountering such fit issues, but nobody in the Twitch family could model what I am now referring to as "the midget suit." So, I cut it up. Seriously, chop-chop-chopped off the bottom, turned it under, threw a stitch on the hem, and called it a day.

Presenting my new bustier crop top. I feel all kinds of Kelly Kapowski in this piece. Paired with my laceless Keds, all I am missing is two 80s dreamboats duking it out for me. Now my sewing job isn't exactly top notch here, but I will definitely wear this piece enough to make it worth the $2.00 I spent on it. 

XO Robyn
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