Friday, April 30, 2010

A Love Story

5 Things I Love Friday; These are my current obsessions.

1. Iced Treats

Slurpees, iced lattes, and popsicles oh my! It is already in the mid 80s daily here in FL. I am definitely not complaining, but I am just in desperate need of iced treats. Some of you may have noticed that ice cream is nowhere to be seen. *Robyn fun fact* That's because yours truly is lactose intolerant. I am also a hater of tofutti, frozen yogurt, and just about any other ice cream substitute. Thank goodness there are so many other delicious frozen choices.

Image Sources: all via Weheartit

2. Leotards and Bodysuits

here                                                  here

here                                                         here
here                                                     here
 here                                                                    here
here                                                                      here
here                                                                           here
here                                                                                  here

Leotards and bodysuits = instant summer dance parties. Just me? Bonus, layering them with skirts means never worrying about flashing my undies. Take that windy day! I am currently lusting after the low back American Apparel ones, but the vintage finds I have thrifted recently are much nicer on my wallet.

Images: sources below each photo

3. Verabel Vintage Lockets

 The jewelry selection on etsy can be so up and down, yet I cannot stay away. After weeding through a lot of awkward homemade pieces recently, I stumbled upon Verabel Jewelry's amazing selection. Their screen printed vintage lockets are by far my favorite. I am currently debating between the feather and moose versions. Such a tough Call. Check them out HERE.

Images: all via Varabel Jewelry

4. Red Shoes

Twice this week I was convinced that my outfit would be much improved by red shoes. However, I own none. I have always thought of them as tacky, garish, mismatched, or just plain not me. Times they must be a changing. Now they are all I can think about. I just can decide between booties, heels, or maybe some Kelly Kapowski style laceless Keds. 

Image Sources: all via Weheartit

5. Model Megan (The final outtakes)

Are you getting tired of these Model Megan outtakes yet? Me neither. Alas, our final photo shoot together is this Sunday. We are making a party out of it, but it is still a sad event. I wish her nothing but the best in St. Louis.  If there are any vintage stores out there in MO that are looking for models, I highly recommend her.   :(

Have a  great weekend.
XO Robyn
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