Tuesday, April 6, 2010

This Week In Vintage (04/06 & 04/08) Plus FAQ

It is officially spring, and we couldn't be happier here at Twitch Vintage. Bare legs, floral prints, and rompers oh my! Take a peek at all of the vintage being added to the eBay shop this week. The first half will be added tonight, and the second half hit the store Thursday. (9-10pm EST)

FAQ: A few questions that have popped up recently.

Q. Do you use natural light or a lighting kit in your shoots?
A. Lighting kit. Poor Model Megan would melt outside in the FL heat.

Q. All of your clothes look so tiny, do you pin them on the model?
A. Yes. We do pin many of the clothes on Model Megan, but this will always be listed in the item description.

Q. I always forget when your auctions begin/end. Is there a mailing list?
A. Yes, there is a mailing list. Sign up here or in the top right hand corner of the eBay shop. However, we do try to keep things consistent. Auctions always begin and end 9-10pm EST every Tuesday and Thursday.

Q. I hate auctions. Why can't I just buy one of these items directly?
A. We have found the best of both worlds on eBay. ALL items are available for immediate purchase at our eBay site. That's right. Each and every piece can be bought with the "Buy it now" option, but is left open on auction in case no one chooses to purchase the item at full price. Everyone wins.

XO Robyn

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