Friday, April 23, 2010

Can't Buy Me Love

Five Things I Love Friday; These are my current obsessions.

1. Typewriters



There is something classic and romantic about typewriters. I have one in my apartment that the boy used to type me the sweetest note. That note is also one of my favorite things.

Src: Weheartit, Ffffound

2. Bubbles




Nothing turns you into a kid faster than bubbles. No one is immune to the fun they bring. Just the other night friends of mine took turn playing with a large bubble wand, and one spent a good 10 minutes angrily attacking the resulting bubbles. There may have been alcohol involved.

3. Bonfire Birthdays


Happy birthday Nora Joe. Here are a few random pics from the birthday I road tripped for in the middle of the week. We were all assigned wizard of oz characters to loosely base our outfits on. The Birthday girl is Glinda just in case you were wondering, while I am the yellow brick road. Good luck figuring out the others. Side note: (!) Nora received the GoGo Ferguson Raccoon Pecker Ring that I noted in a past Friday blog.... Lucky.

4. Wallpaper


Home ownership has never appealed to me. In fact, the idea of buying a house makes me all itchy and claustrophobic. However, as an apartment renter I am missing out on the sweet tacky glory that is wallpaper. I would love to have an intense Laura Ashley floral print wall somewhere in my home.... I am clearly torn.

5. Model Megan

I promised you three weeks of Model Megan outtakes, and I intend to deliver. I'm going to miss working with her so much. This is my strange way of showing it.

Have  a great weekend ladies.
XO Robyn

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