Friday, March 5, 2010

In Love with Love

Five things I love Friday. These are my current obsessions.

1. Paper Backgrounds:

Here                                                              Here

Here                                                          Here

I am starting to feel bored with my plain photo shoot background wall. I find these paper ideas so inspirational.

2. Being In Vogue:

So technically not Vogue Magazine... and technically not me. However, this lovely pic of Rebecca in her Twitch Vintage cape is now up on the Vogue Italia website. That's as close as I am ever getting, so forgive me if I drunkenly announce that "I was in Vogue..." in the near future.

3.  Peplum Dresses:

Here                                                               Here

Here                                                                Here

Two skirts on one dress. Yes please.  Also, how cute is that 3rd model?

4. Raccoon Pecker Rings:


Here                                                                       Here

 No, no. You read that right. Jewelry made to resemble raccoon peckers. A friend showed me these amazing rings via Gogo Ferguson. She uses flora, fauna, bones, and shells to create accessories and home items. There are some really beautiful pieces, but these are by far the most... unique. 

5. Model Megan's "Damn it, Robyn" Face:


I guarantee she is making the same face while reading this post. This is the face she makes when I say something obnoxious, annoying, or inappropriate during a photo shoot. Clearly, she makes it a lot. I Love Model Megan to pieces, and I'm going to owe her a chocolate frosted donut for posting these.

Have  a great weekend.
XO Robyn

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