Friday, March 12, 2010

Spring Fling

Five things I love Friday; My current obsessions.

1. Braids:

Braids are he only reason that I do not want to cut off all my hair. Unfortunately , I have a strangely uneven hairline. (Think Selma Blair.) This makes braids around my face look awkward. I will have to survive with my summer of curls.

2. Road Trips:

I just want to hit the road. Sleeping on couches. Thrift stores in strange cities. Road side diners. <3

3. Vitamin Water:

I drink two of these a day. If I could purchase it by the gallon, I would.

4. Straw Hats:




I am in search of the perfect straw hat for spring. I am a pale girl. I need to protect my skin from the day star.

5. My new camera:

The boy and I have matching cameras now. I am so excited for this week's photo shoot with Model Megan. She makes faces because she knows that my camera is too slow to catch her. Her out takes folder is going to be amazing now.

XO Robyn

(Yesterday's outfit photo had to be postponed due to a torrential downpour. I will make it up this weekend.)

Image Source: Google images, Ffffound,,
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