Monday, March 15, 2010

Blue Monday

Sun Glasses: Thrifted, vintage.
Sweater: Second hand, Gap.
Skirt: Hemmed, vintage. (Will be added to the shop this week.)
Boots: Forever 21.

It's BEAUTIFUL out. It makes me wish I had a front porch to work on today. Instead the boy and I are camped out inside with our laptops. At least we have all the windows open.

I am 99% ready for bare legs everyday. I just have to remember to be less clumsy. Running into the coffee table twice a week is all well and good when I'm wearing black tights daily. Those bruises become more noticeable when my pale (love it) legs are bare.  As my mother would say "It looks like you've been stopping hockey pucks." She is so adorably Canadian.  I've actually been doing really well so far, but some clever posing was still needed for today.

Go outside and play if you can.

XO Robyn

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