Wednesday, March 10, 2010

It's a Motherf***ing Model Off!

Today's blog was supposed to show the unveiling of my organized spring stock closet. However, it is not ready... by a long shot. So I thought I would share what Model Megan and I kept loudly referring to as "A Motherf***ing model off!"

What do you do when you find two of the exact same vintage dress? You have a model off! The motivation is Kelly Vs Brenda in the identical prom dress saga. Megan won this round. I am a ham, and she had the tiger chain belt. Was it even a fair fight?

This had me thinking about all the fun we have here at Twitch studio, and how I very rarely show out take photos. Okay so technically I showed some of Model Megan on Friday, but that was nearly a week ago. Here  is a sampling of some of my favorite saved out takes:

Model Megan (She is usually quick enough not to let me catch her in funny poses.

Twitch Traci ( Drinking is encouraged while on set.)

Model Monica (aka Lady CaCa.)  Perhaps the greatest out takes folder my desktop ever saw. She left me for NY, and is now a model for Rock Paper Vintage (Don't you just love that name?) run by the lovely Tiffany.

Nora Joe  and  Robyn (me.)

I managed to delete most of the awkward photos of myself. I guess it pays to be the photo editor. However, this one where I look very knocked up remains. It was a trick of the wind. I swear.

XO Robyn
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