Thursday, March 25, 2010

Good Morning Sunshine


Dress: Thrifted; Kimchi & Blue
Jacket: Vintage; (baby) Guess. In the shop now.
Boots: F21
Bag: Thrifted; Vintage.

It's a good morning. I'm officially on vacation, and one of my very best friends is in town for the week. (Insert happy dance here.)  I have plans to play outside, clean my apartment, sleep in late, give a tour of my town (I live in a Greek tourist town on the Gulf of Mexico... maybe pictures are needed to fully understand.), go to a celebration barbecue (veggie options available just for me. Thank you Carlos and Patty.), and eat delicious carb-filled breakfasts. What is your favorite thing to do during your time off? I have a week, and I could use the suggestions.

XO Robyn

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