Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Cuttin' Up T Shirts

I posted a few pictures on my Twitter account of a thrifted T shirt dress I altered this weekend. A few people asked how I did it. This was the best explanation I could come up with:

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1.                                      2.                                      3.                                      4.
5.                                      6.                                      7.                                      8.

*This isn't really a tutorial. A tutorial would require me to know what I am doing. This is just the way that I turn T shirt dresses into mini bandage dresses. It did not come from a website or book (as anyone with any sewing training will soon deduce.) This is just something I learned to do through much trial and error.

1. Lay T shirt dress flat. (This one was 34 inches long at start.)

2. Cut out neck and sleeves to taste. (the less sleeve the better) 

3. Cut straight lines down sides from armpit to hem. (only shoulder seams should still be attached) 

4. Drape on dress form, or willing friend. 

5. Use pins to fit the dress on both sides from bottom hip to bust side. 

6. Peel off dress form, or now annoyed friend. Sew closely outside the line created by the pins on each side. Lay flat and cut off excess length (if any). 

7. Cut outside newly stitched lines. I also used this opportunity to cut more of the sleeves off.

8. Turn garment inside out, and sew 1/2" inside existing stitched lines on each side this time extending from hem to arm pit. 


XO Robyn
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