Wednesday, April 21, 2010

What's in my bag?

What's in my bag, you ask? Well that's a pretty personal question, but I guess I'll show you.


I'm heading out of town this morning to visit some friends, and attend the birthday event of the year. (Wizard of Oz themed... pictures to follow.) Anyway, I have been saving this post for a day when I am rushed and stressed. I'm surprised I haven't used it before now. 

Bag: Thrifted vintage.


1. 1/2 year daily planner & Pen: I try to be organized. I swear.
$1.56 in cash: This is probably a record. I am your obnoxious friend that NEVER carries cash.
Owl Change Purse: I have had many a grown up lady wallet. They just never work out, and
I always end up reverting back to this.
Receipts: This is a random sampling. I have an entire purse pocket devoted to these.

2. Moisturizer with SPF: When hugged, I am often told that I smell like sunscreen. I like to think of it as my signature scent. However, you cannot achieve this shade of pale without constant diligence.
No More Tangles: Because I'm eight.

3. Tangled Mess of Jewelry: I'm not a jewelry person, but this pile tends to amass every few weeks.
Bobby Pins & 1 hair tie: This is a risky number of hair taming devices. I should definitely keep more, but what can I say? I like to live on the edge.
5 hour energy & Balance Bar: I'm not proud. I am just constantly rushing around, and often in need of a snack.
Makeup: Yes, this is what I consider my arsenal of on the go makeup essentials. Most importantly it includes Revlon Eyebrow Gel. Many women cannot leave the house without mascara. I need eyebrow gel. Also, I have 4 types of lip protectant. You have to be prepared I guess... I also have Jane red lip paint in Tangerine (aka Wh*re red) and Cover Girl Outlast lipstain (a must own.)
Book: I feel like I never have time to read anymore, but when I find the time I am ready. I am currently reading We Were The Mulvaneys, a gift from my friend Katherine.
Sunday Crossword: I have photo shoots on Sundays with Model Megan. This usually means I don't get a chance to do the Sunday Crossword, one of my all time favorite things. I carry these around for  as long as it takes for me to get to them.

4. Phone & Headphones: Anything to keep from conversing with the elderly while thrifting.
Business Cards: aka Model Megan trading cards.
Head Scarf: I never know how big my hair will get in the FL humidity
2 Pairs of sunglasses: Vintage, and Target
Real Glasses: I cannot drive at night without these. I cannot drive at night period, but these give you as sporting chance of not being hit by me. (You're welcome.)

XO Robyn

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