Friday, April 2, 2010

Falling for you

5 Things I love Friday; These are my current obsessions.

1. Mixed Prints:


I am so excited about mixed prints for spring. It reminds me of Clarissa Explains It All in the best way possible. I think I will start with black and white stripes paired with florals.

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2. Freckles:

I am more than pale. I am crazy pale. However, I do not freckle at all. I think if I freckled people here in Florida would accept my paleness more easily. I love the look of freckles, and am very jealous of my red headed friend Lollys skin.

3. Microwaving Peeps:

Peeps! It is an Easter tradition at my house to microwave Peeps. (Technically it is an any holiday tradition. Microwaving christmas tree peeps was what stained the inside of my mother's microwave green a few years ago. Sorry about that one mom.) If you have never microwaved Peeps, I highly recommend it. They become disfigured while expanding to several times their normal size. Just don't let them touch the sides of the microwave!

4. Head Scarves:


Head scarves are my all time favorite accessory to keep my curls at bay. Bring on the humidity summer! I'm ready for it.

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5. Silly Wine Accessories:

For wine drinkers who don't take themselves too seriously. My friend Nora is all over the wine purse. As a chronic wine glass spiller, I have my eyes on the colored grips.

Have  a great weekend, ladies.
XO Robyn
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