Saturday, August 21, 2010

Web Wanderings (2)

1. Outfit Jealousy

RPV                                                       The Wardrobe Wars

This dolly dress is beyond adorable on it's own, but paired with the ruffle socks and clogs it is just the type of feminine look I am craving.

There it is. The maxi dress of my dreams. It will finish off summer perfectly, then transition into fall with a draped cardigan or moto jacket.

Coat Check                                                   SweetThing

Printed button up and shorts = just as perfect as the one I featured last week. The simple styling with vintage accessories puts this one over the top.

Mixed Neutrals paired with a flowy white peasant top. Another perfect fall transition look.

2. Shop I am Shopping

I guess that should be shop *I wish* I was shopping. American Gold by Spanish Moss is slightly out of my price range right now, but hopefully it won't all be sold out by fall when I have money again. I love the draped bohemian vibe, and all of the rich textures.

3. Blog Obsession

It's Project Runway season again. Thank goodness! Even with this season's inexplicable judging decisions, I just can't get enough. I'm sure many of you already read T Lo (formerly Project Rungay), but if you don't then get on it. These two are fabulous and opinionated on PR, Mad Men, and celebrity fashion. Just plain hilarious.

XO Robyn

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