Monday, August 30, 2010


IMG_7406 IMG_7377

Black Tank: Target
Gray Tank: Calvin Klein Slip
Skirt: Vintage; Will be added to the shop Thursday
Boots: Meat Market Vintage
Bag: Nine West
Jewelry: eBay

I am getting my life reorganized, ladies. That's right, I am making some changes. In order to spend more time with my boyfriend and family, work more on the blog, keep up with 50 piece weekly shop updates, and maintain my sanity something had to change. Thus, I am completely abandoning my former work week and beginning a new plan. The only thing being sacrificed in this transition week is Tuesday's shop update. Thursday is still a go with 25 vintage auctions though. Phew. I work for myself, so I clearly was responsible for my original schedule. It's just hard to break out of a routine that you have been in for years. Have any of you ever gone through something similar?

Anyway, I will hopefully be more active in the blogosphere soon if this all works out. Not to mention being (looking) less tired, and having my weekends back. Wish me luck.

XO Robyn

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