Monday, August 2, 2010

Peaches and Cream... and Hairspray

IMG_0826 IMG_0818
IMG_0833 IMG_0815

Blouse: Vintage; Will be added to the shop tomorrow.
Skirt: Target
Jewelry: Forever 21, Lucky
Shoes: Zara

A few quick snaps before lunch. If you can't tell what that second photo is, that is me fluffing up my curls between shots. The self timer and I were clearly having a disagreement about how long 10 seconds is in that one. Maybe it's because I am southern (Florida is in the South... geographically at least.), but I just am not happy if my hair does not have an excessive amount of volume. The bigger the hair, the closer to god as they say. It's a good thing I feel that way right now because these summer curls laugh in the face of flat ironing. How is your hair behaving during this humid summer?

XO Robyn

* I was chosen as Weardrobe's spotlight on Friday. I was (am) dorkily excited about it, so I may have already shared this with you via facebook or twitter. Thanks Weardrobe!

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