Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Adventures of Model Megan

The Adventures of Model Megan; Seaside edition.

IMG_4717  IMG_4679

Model Megan and I finished up shooting this week's vintage a little early on Sunday. We decided that it was high time we took a trip into the natural sunlight to take some photos. These were taken at the causeway near my apartment, and were constantly interrupted by large tourists and men shouting at Megan. She just can't help her foxiness. It was definitely fun venturing outside of the umbrella light studio that is my dining room. 

IMG_4750 IMG_4760

Then of course, we had to make a stop at the giant shark. Many of you asked where this place is the last time it was pictured on the blog. It is just a local seafood restaurant near my home. There are some awesomely tacky perks to living in a tourist town. 

Anyway, I have Model Megan for one more week before she leaves for St. Louis again. Maybe we can have another adventure before then... but how do you top the giant shark??

XO Robyn

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