Thursday, August 12, 2010

Rainy days and web wanderings

Blasted rain! I set aside the early hours of today for outfit photos. I though I was being sneaky, and would avoid the afternoon showers we have been having all summer. No such luck. I awoke to a pretty heinous thunderstorm, and took that as a sign that I should just sleep in. Oh well. Instead I will be giving something new a shot.

I have been looking for a new way to present some of my favorite web findings, without taking up the limited spots in my Five Things Fridays posts. It isn't a blogger interview (I'm lookin at you Mousevox), or an inspirational looks post (What's up Calivintage and The Upside of Wonder?), and not really a product review (I see you Sartorial Sidelines.) It is basically similar things I want to share, but don't want to devote a whole post to. You dig? Let's see the first draft.

Outfit Jealousy

                 Haiku Ambulance                                            Mess Your Hair Up     

By god I need a pair of mustard pants in my life. This photo has been in my inspiration folder just taunting me for weeks.

Black outfits paired with brown accessories are pretty much on my fall must list.

Milk Teeths

It's the hair and the frilly blouse in this one. I love how girly and playful this looks. I need a little more of that in my summer wardrobe.

K is for Kani                                                        Kelly Lauren

Summer meets back to school. I love the combination of cut offs and a simple button up.

I really need to focus more on accessories. This simple jeans and blouse combo is perfection due to the little touches.

Shop I am shopping


How great are these embroidered rings? I love their vintage vibe, and the color selection. I'm not much of a jewelry girl (you may have noticed), but I do love a good ring or two. Her Etsy shop also carries cute prints you might enjoy. 

Blog Obsession

I have this tendency to run across heavily followed blogs and think "Why have I not been reading this all along?" Such was the case with Bonnie's blog Flashes of Style. I am obsessed with her easy chic looks, and the brief yet perfect explanations she uses to describe them. Definitely one of my immediate reads in my ever full Bloglovin queue.

I pretty much have the attention span of a circus monkey, which is not great considering I do most of my work online. However, I encourage you to be my enablers. If you have any blogs, shops, music, or books you think I would like let me know here or email me at

Also, let me know if this kind of post is not your cup of tea. Seriously, speak now or you just might have to deal with it weekly.

XO Robyn

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