Tuesday, August 17, 2010

This Week In Vintage (08/17 & 08/19)

You can't stop the vintage. Don't even try.

Take a sneak peek at the 50 vintage auctions hitting the eBay shop this week. The first half will be added tonight, and the second half will be available Thursday. (Both 9-10pm EST). Remember that all of these items will have auction start prices of $9.99 USD or can be purchased instantly with the BIN option (prices vary). What are you waiting for? Scroll down.

IMG_3854  IMG_3982
IMG_4301  IMG_4471
IMG_4083  IMG_4392
IMG_4222  IMG_4325
IMG_3910  IMG_4502
IMG_3799  IMG_4598
IMG_3970  IMG_4656
IMG_3802  IMG_4197
IMG_4106  IMG_3904
IMG_3929  IMG_4165
IMG_4557  IMG_4591
IMG_4011  IMG_4478
IMG_4051  IMG_3879
IMG_3873  IMG_4258
IMG_4045  IMG_4321
IMG_3829  IMG_3950
IMG_4517  IMG_4447
IMG_4281  IMG_4348
IMG_4001  IMG_4142
IMG_4207  IMG_4239
IMG_3836  IMG_4378
IMG_4031  IMG_4407
IMG_4553  IMG_4609
IMG_4094  IMG_4633
IMG_4145  IMG_4186

XO Robyn

Psst... 20+ vintage auctions also end tonight. Click HERE to shop.

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