Tuesday, August 3, 2010

This Week In Vintage (08/03 & 08/05)

Sneak preview time! All 50 of these vintage auctions will be hitting the eBay shop this week. Now as many of you have seen, my auction loading website has been failing over the last few weeks. The first 25 items are scheduled to post tonight, and the second 25 are scheduled to post Thursday. (both 9-10 pm EST.) If the site fails and there are any changes to listing times, updates will be posted in this blog. Fingers crossed. Anyway take a peek at everything here, and get ready to bid.

IMG_9637 IMG_0081
IMG_0190 IMG_0141
IMG_0218 IMG_9618
IMG_9842 IMG_0477
IMG_9524 IMG_0450
IMG_9792 IMG_9921
IMG_0063 IMG_0270
IMG_9859 IMG_0277
IMG_0337 IMG_0392
IMG_0596 IMG_9757
IMG_0360 IMG_9546
IMG_9572 IMG_0528
IMG_0001 IMG_9715
IMG_9737 IMG_0309
IMG_9887 IMG_9987
IMG_9679 IMG_9954
IMG_9584 IMG_0170
IMG_0684 IMG_0504
IMG_9530 IMG_0640
IMG_0099 IMG_0032
IMG_0137 IMG_0619
IMG_9664 IMG_0702
IMG_9811 IMG_0552
IMG_0403 IMG_8165

XO Robyn
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