Tuesday, August 10, 2010

This Week In Vintage (08/10 & 08/12)

Take a sneak peek at the 50 vintage auctions being added to the eBay shop this week. The first 25 will be hitting the store tonight, and the second half will be listed Thursday. (Both 9-10pm est.) *Bonus, this set features the always lovely Model Megan, and the popular Alfred Shaheen dress that was (annoyingly) not paid for last week. Take a look at everything here, and get ready to bid.

IMG_2390 IMG_2111
IMG_2196 IMG_2642
IMG_2253 IMG_2289
IMG_1907 IMG_2059
IMG_1942 IMG_2654
IMG_1993 IMG_2177
IMG_2029 IMG_2364
IMG_2012 IMG_2555
IMG_2068 IMG_2430
IMG_2530 IMG_2816
IMG_2754 IMG_2753
IMG_2360 IMG_2552
IMG_0081 IMG_2130
IMG_2231 IMG_2342
IMG_2226 IMG_2610
IMG_1956 IMG_2306
IMG_2267 IMG_2136
IMG_2731 IMG_2770
IMG_2411 IMG_2681
IMG_2498 IMG_2794
IMG_2031 IMG_1921
IMG_2465 IMG_2080
IMG_2573 IMG_2684
IMG_2446 IMG_2709
IMG_2515 IMG_2590

XO Robyn

PSST... Don't forget that 25 of this week's auctions are ending tonight.

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