Monday, August 16, 2010

Drunken Skirt

IMG_4795   IMG_4817
IMG_4808   IMG_4826

Blouse: Thrifted black silk
Skirt: Mousevox Vintage (on loan)
Jewelry: Target, Forever 21, Lucky
Socks: Target

This entire outfit was based around the ruffled Mousevox skirt. Rachel, Amanda, and I took turns styling this number for our first set of remix posts. In the process, I learned a few things about myself.  

1.  I do not like going last. After seeing how these ladies wore their outfits, it was difficult not to recreate them. 

2. I apparently freeze up when I need to wear something specific. Mild panic for no apparent reason...other then being dramatic. 

3. Having clothing for a limited number of days is like having friends in town for the weekend. You want to take them places, get them drunk, and generally show them a good time. Thus, my first instinct was to get Rachel's skirt drunk... I mean go out drinking in it. Instead I took it out for a nice dinner with friends, but I like to believe it had a good time. 

71410123   4838552878_be130478f9_b
Rachel of MouseVox Vintage                                          Amanda of The Upside of Wonder

Click the links below each of these ladies' photos to see their original blog posts.

XO Robyn

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