Thursday, October 21, 2010

This Week In Vintage (10/21)

Check out all of this week's new vintage. Since there was no update on Tuesday, all of the pieces below will be added to the shop tonight 9-10pm EST. Get your eBay game faces on, and get ready to bid.

IMG_6718 IMG_7042
IMG_6786 IMG_6887
IMG_7024 IMG_6917
IMG_6864 IMG_6618
IMG_6901 IMG_7516
IMG_6738 IMG_7221
IMG_6851 IMG_7180
IMG_7056 IMG_6691
IMG_6826 IMG_7275
IMG_6639 IMG_7134
IMG_6701 IMG_6809
IMG_6945 IMG_7006
IMG_7088 IMG_7153
IMG_6990 IMG_6957
IMG_7202 IMG_7286
IMG_6664 IMG_7478
IMG_7533 IMG_6758
IMG_7100 IMG_7238
IMG_7121 IMG_7491
IMG_5394 IMG_7261
IMG_7458 IMG_5795

XO Robyn
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