Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Get Your Joan Collins On; Turban Headband Tutorial


*Okay, Maybe a little more Ashley Olsen than Joan Collins.

As many of you have noted from my whining on Twitter, I am unable to tie a scarf turban without looking like Brett Michaels. I am also unwilling to pay the $20.00+ some websites are charging for turban headbands. I am cheap; Never forget that. Instead I went to my local Walgreens to grab the supplies to McGyver my own version. Here is a handy dandy tutorial on how to make your own:

What you will need:


The Easy Steps:

Choose two headbands. I have chosen two separate colors to make the steps more obvious... and because I have always wanted a lime green and white turban. True story.

Find the seams on both headbands. I have highlighted mine with purple fabric marker. This is a completely unnecessary step for you. 

Cut along the seam of only one of the headbands.

Take the cut headband and lay it inside the opening of the uncut headband.

Bring the ends of the cut headband back together.

Stitch the ends of the cut headband back together.

You should now have two interlocking headbands. If you do not, then you have failed. (awkward...) Now, pull your two interlocking headbands so that the seam of each headband is toward the outside as shown.

Bring these opposite seams together, making sure not to twist either of the headbands inside out.

Sew both of these seams together.

End result. Ta da!

I made mine using two gray, and two black headbands. Although, I see myself getting some serious wear out of that lime green one.

Go get your Joan Collins on.
XO Robyn

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