Tuesday, October 12, 2010

This Week In Vintage (10/12 & 10/14)

P-P-P-Preview time! Take a sneak peek all the vintage auctions being added to the shop. The first half will be added tonight, and the second half will hit the eBay store Thursday. (Both 9-10pm EST.) Get your eBay game faces on because you are going to love this set.

IMG_5440 IMG_6239
IMG_5874 IMG_5784
IMG_6077 IMG_5304
IMG_5889 IMG_5981
IMG_5852 IMG_5395
IMG_6051 IMG_5338
IMG_5597 IMG_5666
IMG_6013 IMG_6096
IMG_5798 IMG_5579
IMG_6176 IMG_5459
IMG_5282 4989290747_5d4ce3c008
IMG_5633 IMG_5963
IMG_5375 IMG_5949
IMG_5565 IMG_5531
IMG_6041 IMG_5897
IMG_5918 IMG_5548
IMG_6000 IMG_5614
IMG_5725 IMG_6206
IMG_5688 IMG_5501
IMG_5360 IMG_6133
IMG_5760 IMG_6217
IMG_6159 IMG_6115

XO Robyn
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