Thursday, May 13, 2010

You Wear A Jacket

Jacket: Thrifted Volcom
Dress: Hemmed vintage; Will be added to the eBay shop tonight.
Shoes: Steve  Madden Oxfords
Serious face: Lack of coffee

I'm not a typical pretty in pink gal. Mixing this dress with my military green jacket made me feel more like myself. 

Also, this jacket and I are cosmically linked. The universe just keeps bringing it back to me. First I found it marked down to half price, and bought it on the spot. Then a month later I found the same jacket at a thrift store for 3 dollars. I sent that one to my best friend. Then I accidentally left it in a on a sidewalk while drunk. I'm not proud. Lastly, I found the same jacket for a third time (different size) at another thrift store for  4 dollars. Either I am the only person who likes it, or we are meant to be together.

Do you have any clothes that you feel truly connected to?

XO Robyn

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