Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Thrift Store Jungle

I haven't shared any of my random thrift store purchases with you lately. Want to see the latest additions to my kitsch little apartment? Here it goes... just try not to be jealous of all of my awkward impulse buys. 

1. Ceramic Whale

His name is Jacamo. He fits in so well with Henry and Francois. Everyone names their ceramic animals right? Okay, good.

2. Bad 80s bird art. <3

It's stencil art! I love the 80s, and I love these birds. This priceless piece of art (6.99 actually) is going right above my bed.

3. More vintage coffee mugs:

Perhaps you should know that I am weird when it comes to numbers. Maybe it comes from being a Stats major. Maybe I'm just out of my mind. Either way, I must buy dish ware in sets of 4. I cannot, no matter how hard I try, but a single coffee cup. I have passed on the most amazing vintage mugs because they did not come in a set of 4. This might be normal if I lived with 3 other people, but I don't. As the only coffee drinker in my apartment, I need to know that I have 3 other matching mugs in my cupboard. 

4. Christian Dior frames:

 I was planning to have my prescription put into these, but it turns out I look crazy in them. CA-RAY-ZEE. Now I am debating between giving them away, or having them made into sunglasses.  

5. Creepy animals! (Note that I did not actually buy any of these.... with good reason.)

You know that I love owl decor. However, those ones are effing scary. Seriously, could you sleep knowing those crazy eyed owls were in your house? I didn't think so. Also, that lamb made me jump backwards in fear. It's okay to be afraid of inanimate objects.... it is.

Thrift randomness complete.
XO Robyn

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