Monday, May 24, 2010

Never Monday

Straw Hat: Callanan
T Shirt: American Apparel
Floral Skirt: Thrifted Vintage; Will be added to the shop Tuesday.
Rings: Forever 21

Oh Monday, I was not ready for you. I am crazy exhausted. 
Yesterday was spent shooting this week's 50 new auctions. I stepped
 in as model again, because.... well to be honest, I have really been 
slacking on hiring a new model. I have many emails to go through,
 but somehow I keep putting it off. I think I am desperately hoping
 a Model Megan look-a-like will message me at any minute. 
Fingers crossed. 

This look is my typical spring ensemble. Floral mini skirt, plain T 
shirt. The hat was added on because my hair is what the kids call a 
hot mess. I am off to get a decent amount chopped off this 
afternoon. Pray to the hair gods that I do not come back looking 

Good Monday to you all.
XO Robyn

Model Me Outtakes: I have a tendency to collapse on the floor dramatically during photo shoots, because I just don't want to play anymore. This is yet another reason I need to get my act together and hire someone less whiney than myself.

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