Wednesday, May 5, 2010

No, you're out of order!

Leotard: Thrifted
Romper: Vintage; hemmed. Will be added to the eBay shop Thursday.
Boots: Forever21
Lipstick: Revlon Fire & Ice
Paleness: She get it from her mama.

Did you know that I am mildly obsessive compulsive when it comes to my work and blogging schedules? If you saw my messy apartment you might not believe it. Nothing gets on my nerves more than bloggers or online shop owners promising an update on Friday then not delivering until Monday. Seriously, if you know you are not the kind of person to meet deadlines just say update coming "soon." Okay, mini rant over.

I on the other hand, can only work with deadlines. I post auctions to my shop the same days and times every week. I have a blog schedule that I always follow. I'm not bragging here. It's just the only way I know how to function. Seriously, it makes me a little nutty. Take today, an outfit post on a Wednesday? It's not part of my schedule, and I am mildly uncomfortable with it. However tomorrow is a special day, so it is worth getting everything a little out of order.

Are you deadline people, flexible, or are you the pretend deadline people that drive me a little batty? Just wondering how I rank on the crazy scale.

XO Robyn

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