Friday, May 7, 2010

Love Sick

5 Things I Love Friday; These are my current obsessions.

1. Bow Ties

Here                                                   Here
Here                                                   Here
Here                                                      Here
Here                                                                Here
Here                                                      Here
Here                                                          Here
Here                                                     Here

I am absolutely in love with bow tie details right now. They are such an easy way to add whimsy to any outfit.

2. Mr Rogers on an Elephant:

This is just like that dog with a mustache pic. I can't explain why it makes me happy. It just does... in fact it it currently my desktop background.

3. Sewing Machines

Here                                                         Here
Here                                                     Here
Here                                                               Here

My sewing machine's name is Peg. My dress form's name is Judy. Did you know that I like to name the inanimate objects in my home? No? Oh, well then that can be your Robyn fun fact of the day. I hem, and do a lot of seam repairs for work. This is about as close to sewing as I typically get. However, with Me Made May in full swing I am attempting to set aside a little free time for sewing projects.

4. Mimosas

Here                                                                 Here

Mimosas = Champagne and orange juice amazingness. The constant rival of the bloody mary for the number one brunch beverage position. Model Megan and I enjoyed these classy treats during her last photo shoot, and I have been craving more ever since. If you are wondering what we are eating in those photos they are Smuckers Uncrustables. Please don't judge us. We love them.

5. Chelsea Handler Books

Here                               Here                             Here

The celebrity interviews are the only part of the show Celsea Lately that I really enjoy. Chelsea Handler's books, on the other hand I am a HUGE fan of. They are hilarious, and really hook you in. The kind of read in a day books to cleanse your intellectual palette. I have only read the first two, but am planning to pick up the third this weekend. Seriously ladies, they have the full Twitch Recommendation. Two thumbs up.

Have a great weekend.
XO Robyn
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