Friday, May 14, 2010

Is This Love?

5 Things I Love Friday; These are my current obsessions.

1. Ferris Wheels:

Photos: Weheartit

It will not be summer until I get stuck at the top of a ferris wheel and start freaking out. (Preferably with cotton candy in hand.)  I need to get to work on this.

2. Crosswords:

Nerd Alert!  The Sunday Crossword is one of my all time favorite things. It is worth getting out of bed for on the weekend. It is then worth crawling back into bed for. I dig the sudoku, the word jumble, and the cryptoquote too, but my heart belongs to the crossword.

3. Uncrustables:

Photo: Cleveland

Model Megan and I can put back an impressive amount of these delicious pre-made sandwiches intended for lazy parents and picky children. Judge away. They are one of my favorite snacks when toasted and paired with black coffee. 

4. Gray Dresses:

Gray isn't a typical spring or summer color. While looking for pictures to express my obsession, I was even hard pressed to find many not styled with tights. Still, I am definitely craving lightweight gray dresses.  I am even pretty specific about the color gray I want. Not charcoal, not dove, but heather gray. I like to make my obsessions as difficult to find as possible.

5. Flashback Photos:

I love seeing childhood photos of bloggers. Eyeliah over at Style Symmetry has been posting pictures of herself at different ages for a while. Rebecca of The Clothes Horse did it two weeks ago. Then Last week Rebecca posted kiddy pictures that other bloggers sent to her. I am hooked. I thought I would share a few of my own. I am often told that I look nothing like I did as a child, and that I was likely switched with the blond girl above at around age 8. I still see myself in my pointy chin. 

Have a great weekend.
XO Robyn
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