Tuesday, November 30, 2010

This Week In Vintage (11/30 & 12/02)

Sneak Preview! Take a peek at all of the new vintage coming to the eBay shop this week. The first half will be added tonight, and the rest will update Thursday. (Both 9-10pm EST) Ready, set, bid.

IMG_3389 IMG_3324
IMG_3669 IMG_3689
IMG_3807 IMG_3376
IMG_4085 IMG_3572
IMG_3793 IMG_3927
IMG_3948 IMG_3251
IMG_3260 IMG_3763
IMG_4064 IMG_3225
IMG_3623 IMG_3482
IMG_3472 IMG_3170
IMG_3709 IMG_3580
IMG_3537 IMG_3644
IMG_3852 IMG_3883
IMG_3281 IMG_3603
IMG_3909 IMG_4105
IMG_4054 IMG_3412
IMG_3751 IMG_3551
IMG_3307 IMG_3980
IMG_4010 IMG_3438

XO Robyn
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