Tuesday, November 16, 2010

This Week In Vintage (11/16)

Let me just start this by saying I absolutely LOVE this set. I hope you do too, because everything here will be added to the shop tonight in one massive update. There will be no Thursday set this week since I don't want to have auctions ending on Thanksgiving. No, all I want to be thinking about on Thanksgiving is pumpkin pie. Thank you very much. Anyway, Take a peek at everything here, and get ready to bid (or buy) tonight 9-10pm EST.

IMG_1320 IMG_2035
IMG_1192 IMG_1516
IMG_1980 IMG_2016
IMG_1133 IMG_2218
IMG_1362 IMG_1163
IMG_1533 IMG_1219
IMG_1179 IMG_1929
IMG_1953 IMG_2284
IMG_2366 IMG_2260
IMG_1425 IMG_2328
IMG_1585 IMG_2120
IMG_2241 IMG_1760
IMG_1720 IMG_1385
IMG_1544 IMG_1688
IMG_1306 IMG_1410
IMG_1456 IMG_2321
IMG_1261 IMG_1614
IMG_1840 IMG_2184
IMG_1280 IMG_1813
IMG_1654 IMG_1351
IMG_1893 IMG_2349
IMG_2200 IMG_2164
IMG_2406 IMG_1238

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