Sunday, November 28, 2010

Nyquil Is The New Tequila

Someone at Thanksgiving gave me a cold. I know the culprit, and I will be holding this against him at Christmas. True story. Anyway, I am currently obsessed with all of my favorite sick treats. These are my must haves for when I am feeling ill.

1. Yellow gatorade. It must be yellow, and I prefer it by the gallon.
2. A cozy crocheted blanket. 
3. A season (or  several) of Criminal Minds. I don't know why. Please don't judge me while I'm sick.

4. Have you had Starbucks oatmeal? It's pretty amazing. It should be for 4 dollars.
5. Magazines. I try not to strain myself with intense reading in my delicate state.
6. Chicken Noodle soup with the bits of chicken picked out. It takes some work, but it shows that you love me. (Best boyfriend ever.)

7. PJs. I didn't get dressed yesterday. I'm not getting dressed today.  I'm making no promises on tomorrow.
8. Eff cough drops. These are the best cure for a sore throat. 
9. I reek of yellow Gatorade, I haven't gotten dressed, and I'm wrapped up in my granny blanket. To top off this ensemble a few pairs of wooly socks are needed. So good.

Gatorade Cheers,
XO Robyn

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