Tuesday, November 23, 2010

This Week In Vintage (11/23 & 11/25)

Brand spankin new vintage is on its way into the eBay shop tonight and Thursday. 9-10pm EST. Take a peek at everything here, and get ready to bid (or buy.)

IMG_2875 IMG_2565
IMG_2970 IMG_1906
IMG_2661 IMG_2997
IMG_2708 IMG_2800
IMG_2841 IMG_2684
IMG_1845 IMG_2814
IMG_2880 IMG_2729
IMG_2958 IMG_2749
IMG_3033 IMG_2931
IMG_1863 IMG_2903
IMG_1637 IMG_3014
IMG_3092 IMG_3050
IMG_2108 IMG_1485
IMG_2144 IMG_2792

XO Robyn

Speaking of vintage... More than 40 vintage auctions are ending tonight. Click HERE to shop.

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