Tuesday, November 9, 2010

This Week In Vintage (11/09 & 11/11)

It's vintage time! Take a sneak peek at all the vintage goods hitting the shop this week. The first half will be added tonight (9-10pm est), and the rest (starting with the plaid cape) will be added Thursday. Pick out your favorites now, and get ready to bid.

IMG_0176 IMG_0187
IMG_0759 IMG_0363
IMG_0331 IMG_0154
IMG_0657 IMG_0456
IMG_0849 IMG_0286
IMG_0677 IMG_0706
IMG_0309 IMG_0725
IMG_0966 IMG_0558
IMG_0860 IMG_0594
IMG_0143 IMG_0241
IMG_0488 IMG_0228
IMG_0893 IMG_0351
IMG_0390 IMG_0522
IMG_0260 IMG_0504
IMG_0464 IMG_0737
IMG_0626 IMG_0939
IMG_0209 IMG_0647
IMG_0833 IMG_0578
IMG_0881 IMG_0917
IMG_0539 IMG_0797
IMG_0777 IMG_0985

XO Robyn
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