Tuesday, November 2, 2010

This Week In Vintage (11/02 & 11/04)

This isn't exactly a preview. I was running slightly behind this afternoon, and didn't get the post done on time. Woops. Instead it's a half preview, half current view. The first 23 items below are in the shop already, and the second half will be added thursday night (9-10pm EST.) Take a peek at what's new now, and get ready to snatch up the rest in just two days.

IMG_8943 IMG_9082
IMG_9441 IMG_9210
IMG_9651 IMG_9485
IMG_9395 IMG_9175
IMG_9645 IMG_8965
IMG_8911 IMG_8757
IMG_8776 IMG_9105
IMG_9317 IMG_9128
IMG_9553 IMG_9503
IMG_9387 IMG_9015
IMG_9271 IMG_9603
IMG_8982 IMG_9421
IMG_9679 IMG_8804
IMG_8861 IMG_9157
IMG_9227 IMG_8846
IMG_8879 IMG_9613
IMG_9186 IMG_9522
IMG_9287 IMG_9353
IMG_8921 IMG_9585
IMG_9024 IMG_9532
IMG_9332 IMG_9063
IMG_9700 IMG_8818
IMG_9467 IMG_9263

XO Robyn (Twitch Vintage)
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