Monday, November 29, 2010

The Grace To Tan Ratio

IMG_3145 IMG_3170
IMG_3194 IMG_3188

Blouse: Vintage; Will be added to the shop this week.
Under skirt: Thrifted and altered
Outer skirt: Thrifted
Oxfords: Dolce Vita
Rings: Assorted silver

Do you ever find yourself thrifting something that you have no use for, but that you absolutely need. Something that matches nothing you own, or won't fit, or isn't even your style. I know I do. Case and point: This week I thrifted the sheer dancer skirt above. 

1. It is not vintage, so I can't resell it.
2. I do not dance. In fact, I am about as graceful as I am tan.
3. I am not comfortable wearing a sheer skirt without a lining. My home town does not abide by chictopian standards of panty exposure.

Yet there was not even a moment of hesitation. I threw it in the cart and could not have been happier. This is clearly because, I needed it. Shopping does not have to be supported by reason in my world.

So, have you thrifted anything awesomely unnecessary?
XO Robyn
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