Thursday, June 2, 2011

This Week In Vintage (06/02)

Are you ready for it? More than 45 vintage items were just added to the eBay shop. Take a peek at everything here

and just click any photo below to go to that item's listing

IMG_2196 IMG_2402
IMG_2418 IMG_2095
IMG_1940 IMG_1889
IMG_1833 IMG_1978
IMG_1760 IMG_1947
IMG_1998 IMG_1643
IMG_2268 IMG_1916
IMG_2044 IMG_2380
IMG_2157 IMG_2231
IMG_2114 IMG_2185
IMG_1675 IMG_2273
IMG_1739 IMG_1781
IMG_2238 IMG_1716
IMG_2012 IMG_2307
IMG_2338 IMG_1754
IMG_2040 IMG_2083
IMG_1809 IMG_2067
IMG_2145 IMG_1613
IMG_1661 IMG_2360
IMG_1693 IMG_1565
5724658435_69bda32652_o IMG_1032
IMG_0883 IMG_8196
IMG_1209 IMG_1516

It's Twitch Thursday,
XO Robyn
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