Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Picture This; Hair Terror Edition

The photos from this weekend get captions. Feel free to skip over them and create your own story if you're not in the mood to read.

I went to Orlando to make some extra cash as a hair model this weekend. I agreed to bangs, a straightening treatment, and a small cut. This is my before photo. After is supposed to be me with said changes in a slutty purple dress at the hair convention.

This is how most girls were dressed at the salon/brand castings. I forgot my booty shorts.

This poster of a girl who looked like Justin Bieber was wall over the convention center.

This is Ricki Lake in Hairspray a la '88.

This is what my hair looked like when I got home from prep day.  (twinsies)

Insert me calling my boyfriend in tears and wanting to come home. Please note that at no time did I agree to let them do that to my hair. When they asked to add a few red highlights while I was in the chair I did not assume that would involve bleaching the entire back of my head.

So I went to my brother's place and played with my favorite Nephew. His cuteness is calming.

and went home the next day. I told the hair people to eff off, and made an emergency appointment with a friend for two days later. This means I got to look like Alexandra Cabot for the whole weekend. (I got a lot of work done at home.)

and 3 hours later I look like this. A little darker, a little less shiny, but still alive.

It's "I told you I wasn't exaggerating, Nora" Tuesday
XO Robyn

*Now I have every faith that my hair would have turned out really interesting looking if I had let them finish what they were planning. I just didn't think the deception was necessary.  That, and the fact that I have worked for this brand without issue before, are the main reasons why I am not naming names here. 
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