Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Thrifting For Keeps

Wednesday is thrifting day around these parts. Here are just a few of the random things I picked up today that are not going to be added to the Twitch Shop.

Living room wall update.

IMG_7926 IMG_7936
When beer and yarn art combine, how can that be bad?

This cross stitch hoop wasn't actually thrifted. I picked it up in Alexia's etsy shop Ruggles Stitch.

IMG_7932 IMG_7927

So cute. 

IMG_7939 IMG_7918

You can never have too many awkward ceramic animals. I shall name him Claus.

My army green jacket! It took a long time for my thrifting karma to kick in on this one.

IMG_7910 IMG_7915

New purse. Be prepared to see it in a ridiculous amount of outfit pics before I get around to selling it.

Pick up anything fun for yourself lately?
XO Robyn

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