Tuesday, September 7, 2010

This Week In Vintage (09/07 & 09/09)

P-P-P-Preview time! Take a sneak peek at the 50 vintage auctions being added to the shop. The first half will be added tonight, and the second half will hit the eBay store Thursday. (Both 9-10pm EST.) Get your eBay game faces on because you are going to love this set.

IMG_8310 IMG_8480
IMG_8004 IMG_8083
IMG_8598 IMG_8617
IMG_7136 IMG_7064
IMG_8132 IMG_8431
IMG_7656 IMG_7975
IMG_7697 IMG_8409
IMG_8154 IMG_7952
IMG_8365 IMG_7944
IMG_8695 IMG_8571
IMG_8356 IMG_8731
IMG_8935 IMG_8907
IMG_8684 IMG_8395
IMG_7615 IMG_8592
IMG_8526 IMG_8632
IMG_8781 IMG_8810
IMG_7927 IMG_8654
IMG_8032 IMG_8487
IMG_6846 IMG_8100
IMG_8452 IMG_8038
IMG_8112 IMG_8291
IMG_8820 IMG_8543
IMG_8871 IMG_8840
IMG_8960 IMG_7984
IMG_6948 IMG_8056

XO Robyn
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