Thursday, September 9, 2010

Kindergarten Cool

IMG_9496 IMG_9448
IMG_9429 IMG_9494

Jacket: Thrifted
Shorts: Vintage Levis
Rings: Macys, Forever 21
Wedges: Dolce Vita

Do you remember when you were little, and you wanted to wear all of your favorite pieces of clothing at the same time? For me it was my mint green and black checkered ice skating leotard, high waisted pink denim skirt, scrunchy socks, and little mermaid velcro sneakers. Accessorized with a giant mop of curly hair that no adult could properly detangle. Stylin', am I right? Well, no. However, my mother wanted me to express myself... or maybe just didn't want to put up with an irrational 6 year old's tantrum. So off I went, rocking my favorite kindergarten look.

This is kind of how I felt today. This outfit was more about me wanting to wear my new shoes, new ring, newly thrifted jacket, and soon to be sold Harley T shirt. I didn't really create an outfit as much as I threw on all the things I wanted to wear, and figured it worked out well enough. The Kinder-Robyn method to styling.

What was your most epic childhood outfit that makes you cringe (or really proud) today?

XO Robyn

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