Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Thrift stores? Thrift SCORES.

IMG_1300 IMG_1302

And just like that, the globe collection I wanted officially has it's first piece. 

IMG_1282 IMG_1274

 Who me? I'm just hangin around my apartment in my new thrifted leather hot pants. No biggie. I scored these for just five dollars, and I desperately want to keep them. They are a hair tighter than I would like, but that's what Friday night hot yoga classes are for. *Note to self: stop skipping hot yoga.

IMG_1293 IMG_1309

Another picture of my sweet new leather shorts? NOPE. I found 2 pairs. That's right. The thrift gods smiled upon me today. I think it has to do with the muffin basket I sent them last week. These ones are ULTRA-tiny though. Calling all XS ladies, they will be in the shop as soon as I figure out how to photograph them without my bum cheeks peeking out the bottom.

This jacket is pretty epic, but the sales clerk who sold it to me was not.
Male Cashier: Uhh, 1979 called. It wants its jacket back.
Me: That call is for you. I wasn't born yet. (Smiles sweetly.)

Thrift on, ladies. Thrift on.
XO Robyn

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