Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Who me?

Oh hello there. I have been blogging for 5 months now, and I have never really gotten around to introducing myself. With followers, commenters, and lurkers now I feel like maybe I should. However, I am just going to share random bits about myself rather than the kind of stuff that would fill up a profile. Here it goes:

Pet Peeve

Whistling in public is my greatest pet peeve. It often takes all the self restraint in my body to keep from punching elderly men in the face at thrift stores. I don't know why they whistle, but it isn't good for their safety at this point.


I have a bachelors degree in statistics, but will usually mess up when given simple addition to do on the spot. 

The first one's free

I have never watched an episode of The Jersey Shore, played Farmville, or tried heroine. I have a pretty addictive personality, and I'm not going down like that.

Playing Favorites

I am going to be a horrible parent one day. I will gladly choose favorites when it comes to people. For instance, My favorite eBay customer is blogger Jenny of Sailor Purrs. I think I like her the best because I always get to see how she styles her purchases. Want to be my favorite? Sending me emails of how you wore your Twitch gear is clearly a good way to start.

Are you following me?

I am really paranoid. I do things like memorize license plates of the cars around me in case one of them decides to pull a hit and run. That's right red Honda with the GA plates. I'm watching you.

Workin' at the liquor store

I was the evil girl who confiscated fake IDs at the liquor store back in college. I'm not proud.

Drinking my soy milk.

I am 26 and had been the same height since I was 17. Last year I grew an additional 1.25 inches. I have no idea why or how I managed it. If this keeps up I may be able to achieve my supermodel dreams by the tender age of 38.

Reality Bites

One of my best friends is spending the summer in Nantucket for a grad class. Every time she talks about it, i picture her joining the cast of wings. It has gotten to the point where I have no idea what she is really doing there. This is just one example of how I confuse my daydreams with reality.

Good Luck

I'm probably not going to enter your giveaway. Don't take it personally. I almost never enter giveaways. It comes from being ridiculously lucky as a child. When I was a kid I won everything. Pick a number, name out of a hat, 1 in 1000 chance kind of lucky. It spoiled me. I never learned those life lessons about not winning. Thus, it really upsets me when I don't win things as an adult. I just can't put myself through that emotional roller coaster with every blog. It's too much.

Thanks for getting to know me a little better.
I would LOVE to learn something random about you as well. Surprise me.
XO Robyn
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