Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Ticket To Ride

Recent Thrift Finds

1. Stella <3

Meet Stella. Stella is the boy's new bicycle. Swoon. I am so excited for the romantic bike rides in my immediate future. She needs a little lovin, but Chris is up for the challenge.

This is my neglected bike Viva. She and I have spent so much less time together since Chris and I started dating. Stella should help. (In all honesty I did not thrift Viva. I traded a bike I did thrift for her though, so I guess it's the same thing.)

Where do I get the names that I choose for my possessions? I will never tell.

2. Not another piece of yarn art....

Yes, another piece! It just fits in so well. I will probably have this whole wall covered by the time my lease runs out.

3. To DYE for.

I have an awkward love of tie dye. Love is perhaps the wrong word.... maybe obsession is better. I can't explain it. I just need more tie dye in my life, and believe me there is already plenty. These were scored just this morning. My lucky day? Perhaps.

Hope you all are having great thrift karma.
XO Robyn

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