Tuesday, June 22, 2010

This Week (Lacking) In Vintage

These are the 50 pieces that would normally have hit the shop this week. They are cleaned, hemmed, and the photos have been taken. However, I am on vacation! Well, I am on a vacation from work. I haven't actually gone anywhere. I leave for Boulder, CO next Monday. I don't want to deal with shipping while I am away, so I am leaving the store empty (breaking my heart) this week. These beauties will hit the shop starting next Tuesday (06/29) instead. I promise a proper preview then.

What am I doing this week then? Sleeping! Well sleeping, cleaning, packing, shopping, mailing, and blogging... but a vacation none the less. First thing's first. I need to tackle my stock closet.  It has sadly gone from this back in March:

To this now:

Not my finest work, but I have made huge progress already. My goal is to come back from Colorado with renewed energy, and ready to work. Clearly, I had better have my office and remaining spring/summer stock in order.

Wish me luck,
XO Robyn

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