Thursday, April 28, 2011

This Week In Vintage (04/28)

Those crazy eBay elves of mine have been at it again. Over 40 vintage listings have been added to the shop. Take a peek at everything here,

and click any photo below to go to that item's listing.

IMG_7170 IMG_7007
IMG_7251 IMG_7413
IMG_7572 IMG_7162
IMG_7258 IMG_7335
IMG_7287 IMG_8735
IMG_7133 IMG_7205
IMG_7521 IMG_7541
IMG_7415 IMG_7345
IMG_7458 IMG_7489
IMG_7379 IMG_7601
IMG_7498 IMG_7680
IMG_7231 IMG_7730
IMG_7305 IMG_7673
IMG_7860 IMG_7777
IMG_7824 IMG_7795
IMG_7753 IMG_7840
IMG_7578 IMG_7385
IMG_7650 IMG_7449
IMG_7629 5557702178_8b54b6d184_o
IMG_7788 IMG_7711

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XO Robyn
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