Thursday, April 14, 2011

This Week In Vintage (04/14)

This week there were no camera issues. No flu bugs. No power outages. It was just a normal week of shooting vintage, and updating the shop. Normalcy can be so soothing after a month of annoyances. Anyway, here are all the goodies that were added to the eBay shop moments ago. Take a peek, and

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IMG_5592 IMG_4746
IMG_4983 copy IMG_5173
IMG_5056 IMG_5349
IMG_4948 IMG_5317
IMG_5446 IMG_4898
IMG_5508 IMG_5241
IMG_5333 IMG_5276
IMG_4755 IMG_5534
IMG_5120 IMG_5393
IMG_5380 IMG_4906
IMG_5436 IMG_5221
IMG_5262 IMG_5458
IMG_5407 IMG_4860
IMG_5491 IMG_5017
IMG_5599 IMG_5560
IMG_5557 IMG_4786
IMG_4823 IMG_4802
IMG_4625 IMG_4873
IMG_5475 IMG_4964
IMG_4930 IMG_5295

It's Twitch Thursday,
XO Robyn
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